Guitars and backing vocals since 2012

So, the stars are lined up in one of their somewhat weird constellations. A perfect opurtunity to collect the stardust out of the milkyway, just enough to keep it here on earth in small portions. Followers of god deny this, so we know. Followers of Lucifer and science know otherwise, but are still reaching for the secrets hidden in the stars. In the middle of all this, someone created rock n roll, may it have been Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Hendrix or Tony Iommi.

Needless to say, one single man picked up the metal-hammer and signed it to the future of metal forever. He was Quorthon, and he had the right tools for many of us. Before him, I had Angus Young and Ace Frehely to adore. I've seen worse heroes.

In 2012 Grá asked me to join in their horde, and since then I'm able to give back to whoever it may be, a piece of what the musical history once gave to me.

To be part of the Swedish black metal scene and the people surrounding it is to me a privilege, an honour and a blessing from below.

Satanic regards.


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