Flame of Hephaestus

Avantgarde Music 2022

"Flame of Hephaestus"

7" single, Avantgarde Music 2022

Side A:
Flame of Hephaestus

Side B:
Stella Polaris (instrumental)

Flame of Hephaestus is the natural introduction into the Lycaon album.

Cover painting by Roberto Toderico


Flame of Hephaestus

Through cinders and snow, chasing the storms
Cleansed and so cold, concealed and obscure
Astray from all life, so violently dark
Shrouded in ice, forged in the fire

Kneel! As my great mountains touch the moonless sky,
reaching like giants from afar
Here all those deep voices from the deep abyss
are building my throne in a hall of steel

I am decreased to a vessel, a thriving devotion to Chaos
Born through the lava, I'm cleansed by the fire and smoke


Stand! Let all the pyres drain the starless night,
rising like titans from beyond
Hear how they all whisper from the great unknown,
while forging my throne in the hallowed flames


Music: Heljarmadr, Dimman
Lyrics: Heljarmadr