First of all a great thank you to our supporters throughout the years!!!

I started this back in 1998 and now it's 20 years later and after several demos, a split, an album and a 7" single it's time to put this child on ice for an indefinite time.
I'm not saying that there will never be anymore releases or such but I feel that my time and dedication lies elswehere right now. I'm working hard (and fucking love it) with Dark Funeral and also with Grá (which I also fucking love), I'm also doing some things on the side which you will all be aware of in the future. These things leave Cursed 13 in the cold waters.
That's been the case for the last couple of years really. We recorded the "Into Ashes" single in 2014 (during the same session as the Grá single "Where Shadows Dwell") and since, not one single song has been written, only fragments and occational ideas. Of which, some actually ended up on the new Grá album instead and some lyric ideas ended up on the Dark Funeral album "Where Shadows Forever Reign".
In 2017 we made a live appearance at the Mörkaste Småland festival, which felt like a worthy farewell to Cursed 13 as a live band. We have had offers prior and after but I have declined them all.

Regarding our releases, all the old EPs and demos have been sold out for ages, we still have some items in stock and could actually really need the space for other things so check out the Merchandise section!

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have been involved throughout the years, you know who you are, thanks to all supporters too!
I'm not saying it's the definitive end but if Cursed 13 should ever rise again, it will be for some damn good reason and there must really be a meaning behind it.

And remember: Black Metal is not just another form of music!

/Heljarmadr, in consultation and agreement with Dimman