21:st of July, 2014

Grį live DVD in the making + opportunity to win a copy!

As it happened, the last Grį show in Stockholm was filmed with a couple of cameras and we are also working on the sound in the background. At the same time as we are working on the new album, we are compiling material for the DVD which will include the full concert, all previous official videos, some extra material from rehearsals, behind the scenes and so on.
We have also decided to do a video interview/videography to further explain the Charon concept among other things.

This is where you can get involved!

If you have any questions you would like to have answered in that videography, send them in an e-mail to grahorde@gmail.com. We will save them and have them answered in the videography. When we have filmed it we will let you all know. All of your names will be saved and we'll have a draw for two winners who will get a free signed copy of the DVD when it's out. Sounds fair?
Spread the word and start sending us the questions!

A great salute to all the Grį supporters!
A grand toast for Death!

6:th of May, 2014.

When the music's over.

Last night was fantastic from start to end. A huge thank you to all of you who joined us at Klubben and screamed your guts out with us!
A massive thanks to Lord Ahriman, Dark Funeral and their amazing crew (it's wonderful to work with such professionals). Dark Funeral did an incredibly great show!
We would also like to thank our own crew (Tomas, David, Linn and Josefin) who busted their asses to make everything run smoothly, we owe you big time!

Until next time...

21:st of April, 2014.

This is the brand new Grį single called "Where Shadows Dwell". This recording is solely aimed for a digital release but the song will also be a part of the upcoming full lenght album. The fourth and final part in the "Charon" suite. To be released by Unexploded Records during the second part of 2014.

Filmed and edited by D. Kareketo.
Stagecrafter: Duvan
Music and lyrics by Heljarmašr.

7:th of April, 2014.

Today I have put the final touches on the mix of the new Grį single called "Where Shadows Dwell". It is, as always, recorded in our own studio, produced and mixed by me, without any external disturbances or manipulation. This is a tradition we aim to keep. The single will be released in digital form only, with a video.

"Where Shadows Dwell" is a part of the upcoming full lenght album that will conclude the Charon suite, or Helfärd suite if you prefer the Scandinavian terms and references. We started up with the Helfärd EP and will close the chapter with this fourth release, as intended from the very beginning. The End is coming closer!

The single will be released when the video is done. We have no date at this time but I suspect that it will be ready sooner than you might think.

It is time to finally roam the unearthly and sacred paths.

A toast to Hades!

/Heljarmašr, on behalf of Grį

10:th of February, 2014.

Grį has been invited to be the exclusive support act for Dark Funeral on their 20:th anniversary ceremony on May the 3:rd here in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a great privilege for us and we will take this opportunity to present to the audience a haunting ritual of pure black metal from the very depths of our black souls. Dark Funeral will offer an extended epic rite with hymns from their entire career, fronted by Emperor Magus Caligula and with very prominent guests. You do not want to miss this evening!

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