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Grá full concert in HD! As the second to last piece of the Charon/Helfärd suite, before the "Ending" album, we have uploaded a full concert, shot with several cameras and with pro sound. The best way to support us is to share the link and enjoy the show.
Hell Charon!
Full speed ahead towards the End.

Regarding the new album.

Iv'e used the phrase ”patience is a virtue” alot during the years and now it's finally time to unveil some news about the brand new Grá album. The album is finally completed, I put my last touch on the master today and this is an album that I am extremely proud of. The title of the album is ”Ending” and contains 9 tracks with a time span of about 50 minutes.

We started working on this album immediately after we finished the ”Necrology of the Witch” MCD a couple of years back and it has been cooking ever since. On the 8:th of November last year we started to actually record the album and it has been in the making up until today. Alongside myself there are some prominent guest vocalists/lyric authors who made huge impact on the final outcome. On one song each we have Eldur (Fortid/Den Saakaldte), Grim Vindkall (Domgård/Snakeskin Angels/Nox Aurea) and Mr. Panphage (Panphage/ex-Domgård), singing their own words in their native tongues on our songs.

The album is the last piece (as planned from the very beginning) of the Charon/Helfärd concept we started exploring with our first EP 5 years ago. This is (as the title suggests) an ending of an era and where Grá will travel from here remains hidden in the shadows.

Track list, release date, cover artwork will be revealed in due time. I might also add that ”Ending” will be released on both digipack CD and gatefold vinyl with photos by Soile Siirtola and layout by Olle Olsson. More news will come as soon as we have it. A great salute to all of you who's been supporting Grá during these years! The wait will be over soon...

/Heljarmadr on behalf of Grá

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